About Us
KC Accrediated Breeders

We are a small select kennel situated in Northumberland.  We bought our first boxer puppy bitch over 20 years ago.  A few years later we took a litter from her and kept  a brindle & white dog.  On our very first time in the show ring our puppy named Olleyville First Performance won Best Puppy In Show!  From that day on we were bitten by the show bug.

The Olleyville Kennel are flying the flag for the North East of England.
succesfully showing and wining at all show levels, a big thank you to all Judges concerned.

Some of over proudest achievements in recent years include:-
Ch Olleyville Oren McPhee Dog World Top Boxer Dog 2013
Ch Wynele Our Vera For Olleyville Dog World Top Boston 2014
Ch Olleyville Rosina Brown Dog World Top Boxer Brood Bitch 2013
Boxer Quarterly 3rd Top Kennel 2013/2014

PuppiesTypical Olleyville Puppies



Boxer Quarterly

The Group


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Otherston House
Co Durham

Tel: 07554011771
Email: contact@olleyvilleboxers.co.uk

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